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It's Christmas Time

Even though Robert is completely un-indoctrinated into the spirit of Christmas, I’m still trying to be festive.  There are so many tasty red and green foods to try, especially as he starts eating more substantial meals.  My first foray into Christmas cooking was by accident.  I wanted to try the Red Lettuce Mix from the Beaba Babycook Book because I received a gorgeous head of lettuce in my bi-weekly bushel from Farmhouse Delivery and because this was listed as a good early food.  As it turned out, I also had a watermelon radish in that bushel, though I thought it was a less exciting, normal radish.  I augmented my bushel with chervil (found with the fresh herbs) a small fingerling potato, and a sole filet, which conveniently was part of our regular dinner the night before. 

First. the Red Lettuce Mix:      

  • Tender inner leaves from a head of red lettuce (or green – I’m under the impression it doesn’t really matter.)

  • A small potato, chopped roughly

  • A sprig of chervil

  • Breast milk

I put the lettuce and potato into the Babycook, steamed at level 3.  Then I discarded the cooking liquid and added the chervil and a bit of breast milk until it was a very smooth blend.  According to the cookbook, the baby should be able to suck this out of a bottle.  We tried, but without success.  It was quite popular when I fed him with a spoon.  This was also well received the next day after being heated slightly.  (Disclaimer - I tried this, and I thought it was disgusting.)

The radish was a surprise.  I peeled it, then cut it in half to find its deep red insides.  It really did remind me of a watermelon with a green/white outside and red surprise underneath.  I just roughly chopped it, threw it into the steaming basket at level 3, and blended well afterwards.  This was so good that I cooked another one in the Babycook for me for dinner.  

I've read mixed information on when to introduce radishes.  Some say to wait much later - around 18 months, but I've also read that some kids love the taste early.  I think I got one of those kids.  

Our protein was a simple pan-cooked piece of sole.  The night before I made rolled sole for us, but saved a plain fillet for Robert.  After sautéing mushrooms, greens, and garlic in a pan, I used the pan for the fish for just a little extra flavor because sole is just bland without any outside help.  This was our first fish, and Robert’s eyes lit up when he tried it!  I put a piece of fish in the blender just to break it down a bit, but I didn’t puree it.  Definite winner.

Yes. It is green and red for Christmas. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Yes. It is green and red for Christmas. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

The leftovers were just as festive and delicious as the actual meal.  We had this for lunch the next day:

Deconstructed Omelet

First Foods