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Lunch Box

Today is Robert's first day at "school."  It's actually just 5 hours in a moms' day out program at a local church, but it required packing his first lunch box.  After obsessing for weeks about what the perfect lunchbox for a 15 month old is, I finally settled on a Laptop Lunches bento box because it is microwavable and made of non-Chinese plastic.  I really liked the PlanetBox stainless steel bento boxes, but those wouldn't work for heating up food.  And I admit it, I totally took his blue lunch bag and got it monogrammed at The Monogram Lady.  

Of course this didn't quite prepare me for the mental anguish of trying to figure out what to put inside the lunch box last night.  I decided on familiar food that could be served in our usual 4 course way - cheese, veggies, protein, and fruit.


photo 2.JPG

1.  Course 1: Cheese - We happened to have a raw sheep's cheese in the fridge, so that what he got.  

2.  Course 2: Veggies - Sautéed okra is a staple for us this summer.  He loves it!  A pan, olive oil, and sliced okra is all it takes to make Robert happy.

3.  Course 3: Protein - I went a little crazy and included both salmon and a couple of zucchini and shallot frittatas.    

4.  Course 4: Fruit - Sliced mango.  This particular piece of fruit came in our bi-weekly Farmhouse Delivery bushel and was perfectly ripe.  Yum.  

Ready-Made Food

Curry Carrots

Curry Carrots