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Let Them Eat Cake

There are a few occasions that merit a fabulous custom cake.  Weddings, for instance.  And first birthday parties when mom is completely overwhelmed and needs to outsource something.  For both events, we used Word of Mouth's pastry chef, Liz.  

For our wedding cake, we wanted a Golden Gate Bridge connecting two separate cakes.  When we sat down to talk about our perfect cake, Liz's response was, "well, I haven't done the Golden Gate Bridge, but I did make the Brooklyn Bridge once."  Needless to say, both the carrot cake (my favorite) and chocolate (a close second) were delicious.

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For Robert's first birthday, I had a lot of requirements for his cake.  I wanted an adult cake with lots of flavor and a baby cake that had no food coloring, nuts, sugar, or any other common allergen that could potentially freak out a guest.  Word of Mouth rose to the challenge for our yellow submarine party and created this delicious creation.  The bottom tier was an adult friendly carrot, and the top tier was a baby friendly modified carrot.  I almost liked the baby recipe better.  

The folks at Word of Mouth even provided a separate smash cake for Robert to destroy.  Bonus! 

Scanpan CTQ Skillet

Baby Transport