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Baby's Gotta Eat

I knew that I wanted to feed my son food that I would eat.  I almost always serve him food that I've cooked, and it is usually food that I also eat.  I've found some great tools and gadgets that make feeding time fun and clean-up minimal.

1.  Phil & Ted's Lobster Chair - This chair can clamp to most every table and counter.  I love how it makes Robert part of the meal because he's sitting at the table - not in a separate high chair.

2.  Green Sprouts Glass Storage Cubes - I've used these daily since Robert started solids.  Everything from breakfast sized oatmeal portions to leftover fish from dinner goes into these easily microwavable cubes.  They stack perfectly, too!

3.  Green Eats Feeding Spoons - These made in the USA spoons are just the right size for Robert to grasp.  And throw.  And Bang.

4.  Calibowl Non-Spill Toddler Suction Bowl - The inner bowl curves slightly to help keep food on the spoon.  It's genius.  Plus, there is a lid to help store leftovers.  The suction cup is as good as any I've seen - meaning not great, but better than nothing.  They're also made in the USA.

5.  BabyBjorn Soft Bib - We use these bibs at home.  They are easy to clean and catch most everything that falls out of his mouth - which is a lot.

6.  Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib - I use this as our travel bib because I want full coverage when we're out and about.  To make it roll up in itself, I cut out the middle seam in the crumb catcher pocket, but I love the elastic around the wrists and the tie in the back.  This bib is staying on and the mess will come off with it.

7.  Avent Natural Drinking Cup - A brilliant transition stage to a normal cup.  The baby's lip presses down on the top to release water when drinking, but water (generally) stays inside when the baby is flinging the cup around and on the ground.  It's only downside is that it is made of Chinese plastic.  

8.  Lifefactory Bottles - These bottles are everywhere now, and they are totally worth it.  While I have several 9 oz bottles, I've only ever used the 4 oz ones.  Plus, I could pump directly into them and skip the plastic Medela bottles.

9.  Béaba Babycook Pro - I love this gadget.  Even though Robert is beyond purées, I still use it almost daily.  It is easy to clean and a workhorse.  I had an issue with the motor at one point, and Béaba's customer service was incredibly helpful and replaced my Babycook for free.  Awesome.

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