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Robert's Fifteen Month Update

Robert is now 15 months! In order to celebrate, it's time to update "25 Things You Don't Know About Robert." There are some good ones!

1. I just started "school" one day a week at All Saints' Episcopal Church.
2. I am a gentleman, and a scholar. (According to the ladies at school)
3. My newest, most favorite toy ever is the Christmas tree dip stick. It's like two sticks in one, and a sword, and it is awesome. And it velcros itself to the carpet sometimes. 
4. I am officially a walker now.
5. My top two molars broke through, but I still only have two teeth on the bottom. I'd like to think that I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to teething.
6. My second favorite toy is a circa 1985 Casio calculator. I can calculate!
7. Floyd's Barbershop was the site of my first haircut because my mom doesn't trust herself with super sharp scissors near my eyes and ears.
8. I go to bed at 6 o'clock every night and sleep till 7. I need my beauty rest. 
9. Except last Saturday my parents kept me up until 9:30 to see a concert. I'd like to think that I handled it well and they'll let me stay up on occasion from now on. 
10. Here is a list of things that I have slept through recently: jackhammers at the neighbors, a plane landing, and a new garage door installation.
11. Here is a list of things that have woken me up recently: the toilet flushing down the hall, the dog walking by my room, and my name being whispered downstairs.
12. Speaking of toilets, they are awesome to splash around in. So is the dogs' water bowl.
13. I love my lion, Leonard. Sometimes my mom tries to sneak in "identical" lions, but I can totally tell which lion is the original Leonard. Leonardo and Leo will not do!
14. I've watched my mom blow on hot food since I started eating solids. Now, I like to blow on all of my food before eating it. I think it adds a little something to the flavor.
15. Some of my favorite vegetables include okra, green beans (in fish sauce), and zucchini. 
16. I think it is extremely unfair when people are eating sushi rolls in my presence and don't give me any. I  sushi rolls.
17. I've acquired my parents' like of bubbly water. Mmmmm. Bubbles make everything better.
18. Door knobs are no match for me. I can reach and turn them all.
19. Currently, I am the youngest of 14 cousins. However, Aunt Melissa is going to have another baby soon, so I'll lose my youngest status.
20. My new favorite words include hot, fan, and banana.
21. Sometimes I like it when my mom brushes my hair. 
22. I never like it when my mom brushes my teeth. I show my displeasure by grabbing the toothbrush and putting it in my potty.
23. I love going to the Thinkery. One time my parents went without me and took the picture below. 
24. Mom's posting it now because Dad just CANNOT wait to tell people our big news,
25. Which is that I'm going to be a big brother!

Yep!  Baby #2 is in the works.

Yep!  Baby #2 is in the works.