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Flying Solo

I'm feeling victorious. Robert and I made our first solo flight today, and I discovered a whole world of perks when you're a mom flying with a baby: 
Exhibit 1: All of my luggage was checked for free thanks to an exasperated "Can you please help?" to an American Airlines gate agent. 
Exhibit 2: No waiting in line for security. Apparently there is a Family Line which is unmarked but skips you to the head of the line, even in front of the priority passengers, at O'Hare. (Plus, when you travel with a baby strapped to you, TSA automatically waves you through the metal detector - no pat down required!) 
Exhibit 3: Totally awesome, large, clean family bathrooms that are quiet and distraction free. Perfect for feeding an inquisitive little man.
Exhibit 4: Free upgrade to the extended room aisle when I asked to move to an aisle seat - in case I had to make an emergency diaper change dash. 
Exhibit 5: AIBA family friendly valet will send someone to the luggage claim to pull all of your bags off of the carousel and be a personal sherpa for the 4 tons of crap required to travel with a baby.

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