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Robert's Nine Month Update

He's nine months old today and growing up way too fast. As such, it is time to update the 25 Things You Don't Know About Robert:

1. I am personally responsible for Persephone gaining 25% of her body weight in the past 3.5 months. 
2. I am very good at sharing, especially my food. That is why Persephone is such a porker these days.
3. I also think it is great fun to share my pacifier and stick it in my mom's mouth. That cracks me up every time.
4. I think Mr. Walter at Armstrong Community Music School is magnificent.
5. Are you familiar with electrical outlets? I am. I make a beeline for all of them.
6. Especially if there is a cord plugged in. Or better yet - a nightlight. 
7. I like to zerbert my mom. It is how I show her that I love her.
8. I can pull myself up to standing now, often using just one hand.
9. I am still the most amazing singer ever. My voice is stupendous. I try to serenade my parents every morning. Only mom wakes up.
10. I have recently discovered that sparkly shoes taste the best, though in a pinch I will settle for a flip-flop.
11. But for some reason, I keep getting moved away from the shoes. I must figure out how to get into my parents' closet without them noticing. There are lots of shoes to taste.
12. Mangos are one of my favorite foods. I don't share those with Persephone.
13. My parents don't let me drink wine despite my best efforts to pull a good bottle off of the wine rack. 
14. I can hold my breath underwater for 3 seconds.
15. My favorite onesie says, "My milk 'stache brings all the girls to the yard." (Cue Kelis)
16. In one important way I'm like my dad: I don't really like leftovers. Fresh is best!
17. One day I aspire to reach those fish above my bed. I feel like I am getting closer and closer. 
18. I like to nap at 9 and 1.
19. And I conk out at 6 for the night until I begin my morning serenade sometime between 6:30 and 7. (See #9)
20. Sometimes I get a sneaky suspicion that my parents do crazy things - like leave me with a babysitter and go out and pretend like they are adults - after I am in bed. But then I realize that this is just crazy talk and I am the center of the universe.
21. I am a flirt. Watch out if you find yourself in the same grocery store aisle as me, ladies. I will work my magic and reel you in. Resistance is futile.
22. Duplos rock.
23. Sunday brunch is the most important meal of the week. My parents finally wised up to this and now order me my own entree so they can eat, too.
24. Books are magical. I really like story time.
25. Bye bye. See that? I'm waving to you.

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