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Robert's Thirteen Month Update

Today Robert is 13 months old. To celebrate, let's revisit "25 Things You Don't Know About Robert"

1. Molly is my newest girlfriend. I swoon in her presence and then make my hilarious snorting noises to woo her. 
2. I'm not officially walking yet, but I will take a few steps every once in a while.
3. Honestly, there's no real need to walk because I'm a speed crawler and can pull up once I'm at my final destination. 
4. Or I flap my arms and someone (mom) will come pick me up.
5. I have six teeth.
6. My vocabulary is expanding. I can say mama, dada, dog, bye-bye, night
7. But my personal favorite is "uh-oh." I use that one a lot.
8. I recently discovered wasabi peas. They are tasty!
9. I still love Mr. Walter's music class, especially the part where I get to wave drumsticks around and make my rock star face.
10. I like to turn my stroller into a push cart and make laps around the living room.
11. My mom gave me a bite of her eel once, and then I ate the whole thing. I'm just trying to prepare her for having a teenage boy with a bottomless pit for a stomach.
12. I can go up and down the stairs by myself. It totally freaks my mom out.
13. Sometimes I take a few minutes of quiet time in the dog bed to reflect on the meaning of life. I do some of my best thinking when surrounded by dog hair.
14. The laundry room is totally awesome! Have you ever watched the laundry go around and around and around? Whoa.
15. The triangle is my favorite instrument.
16. I'm a climber. Meaning I climb. On everything. All. The. Time. 
17. I tried to eat Persephone's poop-snack that she left for me on the floor once and boy did I get the reaction from mom. I've never seen her move so fast.
18. I dream of having my very own iPad one day. Sometimes dad lets me play with his, but mom's is strictly off limits. 
19. Second naps are for wussies. 
20. Recently I've decided that putting toys in their bins is ok. Previously, I thought unloading everything was the only fun part. 
21. Sometimes I put myself in the toy bins, too. Just 'cause it makes me think that I'm in a boat, sailing away to the land of iPads... (See photo) 
22. I do not like wearing bibs. I can forcefully pull mine off. Often I follow this by prying the tray off of my high chair. Food tends to go everywhere, but the dogs need to eat, too, ya know?
23. Tissue paper and toilet paper are my catnip. I love that stuff.
24. I'm lengthy (like my dad) and am about 31" tall (not like dad, who's closer to 78" tall.)
25. When someone leaves, I like to blow kisses. If I really like you, you'll get an extra smacking one. XOXO


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