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House Hunters International

House Hunters International


We went on our first few house tours yesterday, and this was my "boss bitch real estate lady" outfit. I felt very professional and on top of it, even though I know absolutely nothing about Auckland real estate - other than it is really expensive and the quality sucks. I wore my Texas pendant as a small reminder of our last home. Maybe it will be a good luck charm as we search for a new house?

As it turned out, this was not the perfect outfit to wear house hunting. It is imperative to wear shoes to an open house. Everyone takes off their footwear at the door, and some of the flooring is less than appealing. I scrubbed my feet last night because one how was just gross.

Other than the lack-of-socks issue, my outfit was on point, and the real estate agents took us seriously. 


Jacket: Martin + Osa (similar item linked)

Shirt: J. Crew Factory Oxford

Leggings: Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Belt: Kate Spade

Shoes: Sam Edelman Leopard Print Loafers

Necklace: Texas pendant

All the Colors of New Zealand

All the Colors of New Zealand

Black & Gold

Black & Gold