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Winter Sales

Winter Sales

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If you’re in the mood to do a little retail therapy, now is the time to do it! When we arrived in June of 2018, we were so turned upside down by the whole situation, that we didn’t really appreciate that we were moving at peak sale time. As I’ve stated before, Kiwis love a good sale, and it is best to wait to buy just about anything until the prices are slashed. The sales are frequent, but it is important to get the timing just right. Within the past couple of weeks, my email alerts for end of season sales has gone through the roof, so I am trying to take advantage and stock up on as many items as I know I’ll need for the next year. Some of the stores I’ve noticed are:

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  • Country Road - There’s an additional 30% to be had off of sale items at Country Road right now. They’ve got decent basics and a cute kids section.

  • Farmer’s - This is like a Dillard’s. They’ve got 60% off bedding, towels, kitchenware, and towels, and up to 50% off clothing.

  • Freedom Furniture - There’s a wide variety of furniture for sale during Freedom Furniture’s end of season sale. Definitely visit a store before purchasing as a lot of their furniture is substandard, but there are some quality pieces to be found, too.

  • Harvey Norman - They’re having their half yearly sale with deals on computers, technology items, whiteware, cookware, and bedding.

  • Macpac - Macpac sales seem to be more frequent than most, but this one is good with 50% off many winter items.

  • Mi Piaci - If you’re after a new pair of shoes, Mi Piaci is taking a further 20% off of sale shoes. I haven’t actually purchased any shoes from them, but I see their stores everywhere, so I’m assuming they’re not terrible.

  • Noel Leeming - Noel Leeming is having their “Mega Mid Year Sale” with lots of discounts on technology and appliance items. A word to the wise - definitely comparison shop between Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman.

  • Papinelle - My favorite PJ shop has a sale for an additional 20% off of sale items. I picked up a new nightshirt for NZ$27!

  • Wallace Cotton - 10-50% off in store and online. This is a great time to stock up on beach towels for the summer.

  • Witchery - An additional 30% off of all sale items, plus yesterday there was a flash sale for 30% off everything in the store. I’ve picked up a few pieces of knitwear as that is something I never focused on in Texas. In Auckland, knitwear is needed for layering.

This is not a complete list by any means, but it gives you and idea of what to expect. Are there any great sales that you’ve noticed? Let me know in the comments!



Brand Focus: Icing on the Cake

Brand Focus: Icing on the Cake