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Halloween Apple Ghosts

I cannot lie.  I'm that mom this year and making our Halloween treat for Robert's class into an unnecessary craft.  I can't help myself.  We're supposed to bring apples for 16 kids, which is kind of boring.  I'm sprucing them up by making them into Apple Ghosts.

To create this Apple Ghost, you'll need:

  1. Apples
  2. Two sheets of white tissue paper per apple
  3. Two googley eyes per apple
  4. 1 foot of orange ribbon per apple
  5. 1 foot of black ribbon per apple
  6. Crafting glue
  7. A paintbrush
  8. A paper plate or bowl


  • Cut the ribbon to length and create sets of orange and black ribbon to have on hand.
  • Lay one sheet of paper on a table.  Stack the second sheet of paper at an angle to the first.
  • Place the apple in the center of the tissue paper stack.  Pull the sides of the tissue paper up, creating the ghost head.
  • Take one set of orange and black ribbon and tie firmly around the tissue paper at the top of the apple.  This will secure the ghost head, but your ghost will look upside down.
  • Pour a small amount of crafting glue onto your paper plate/bowl.  Using the paintbrush, brush adhesive onto one pair of eyes at a time.  Place the eyes on the apple in line with the bow and closer to the bottom of the apple.  
  • Use the Sharpie to draw a big "O" for a mouth.
  • Repeat for each apple.

It took about 30 minutes to prep all of my material and create the Ghost Apples, and they were a hit!  At least for the 2-and-under crowd.

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