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Baby Girl's Nursery

The weekend I found out I was pregnant I put together my baby girl's nursery inspiration board.  My inspiration piece was some wallpaper I found years earlier and loved.  The silver and purple iris paper had been stuck in my mind ever since, and I knew I wanted to base a girl's room on it.  I had such a strong feeling that this baby was a girl that I never put anything together for a little boy.  A few months later my suspicions were confirmed (yeah!) and I started work on her room.  Months later, her nursery is complete:

The room is painted the same color as Robert's - PPG's Malted Mint - but with feminine touches and details, the room is adorable as a little girl's nursery!  We continued the Malted Mint through the Jack-and-Jill bathroom shared by both bedrooms.  Meadow's colors (from the wallpaper) are grey and lavender, which are brought into accents throughout the room.

1.  Merle Embroidered Chenille Rug in Lilac - This is a thin rug that is perfect for a decor piece.  The pattern woven into the chenille is a wonderful feminine detail.

2.  Handmade Alphabet Quilt - A family friend made this exquisite purple alphabet quilt for Meadow.  I love incorporating quality handmade pieces that will be treasured for years to come.  Here's a beautiful quilt from SewBoken.

3.  Bilana Recliner - This recliner is tall enough for my 6'6 husband and wide enough to accommodate a mom and a toddler reading to a little one.  The chair is customizable with tons of different fabric and piping options.  We chose a soft grey fabric with swirl affect and white piping for a crisp, finished look. 

4.  French Provincial Bookcase - My husband built this bookcase as his contribution to Meadow's nursery.  He wanted to build a piece that would last forever and she could take with her when she leaves home.  It is painted one shade lighter than Malted Mint in Summer Breeze.  

5.  Pottery Barn Storage Baskets - These dark grey baskets are perfect for storing toys and other odds 'n ends.  Unfortunately, the style I have is no longer available, but these are similar!

1.  Hair bow holder - Every girl needs a place to keep her hair bows!  My husband does not understand this at all, but was helpful when I made this simple frame.  I used a bulletin board found at Home Goods and added lavender ribbon for the complete look.

2.  Flavor Paper Iris in Gentle Violet - I've had my eye on this wallpaper since I was pregnant the first time around.  I think it would be overwhelming to do an entire room in it, but fortunately, Flavor Paper lets you order a sheet (27" x 54") which is perfect for a large statement piece of art.

3.  Oilo Changing Pad and Topper in Diamond -  I love Oilo's changing pad system with quick-remove topper.  If there's a mess (and trust me - there will be a colossal mess or two) while changing a diaper, it is easy to un-velcro one topper and replace it with a clean one.  I've done this with one hand and with a screaming baby in the other.

4.  Shabby Chic Dresser from All in White Austin - This dresser was a Craigslist find from a local furniture refinisher.  We were so impressed with the quality of work from Billie at All in White that we asked her to paint the bookshelf Jon built.

1.  Abstract Painting by Christine Krainock - Who says babies can't appreciate art?  I love how this piece pulls in the lavender and grey throughout the room and can grow with Meadow.

2.  Jenny Lind Convertible Crib in White - Jon thought about building Meadow's crib since he also built Robert's, but, as he says, he "couldn't even buy the wood for what this crib costs."  We've been incredibly impressed with the quality of the crib so far.  We'll see if it stands up to a crazy toddler over time!

3.  Modern Lavender and Gray Elephant by Lilkingdom - This plush toy has minky-soft ear with a little crinkle to it - a great sensory toy.

4.  Jellycat Bashful Penguin - Robert picked out this penguin the weekend I found out I was pregnant.  We've nicknamed her "Penny" and hope that Meadow loves her as much as Robert loves Leonard the Lion.

5.  Butterfly Mobile - This was my big artsy contribution to Meadow's nursery.  Check out my tutorial below on how to make your own.  If you just can't bring yourself to make one, check out this star mobile from MonkeySprouts.

6.  David Fussenegger Lili Blanket in Night Owl - A family friend gifted us with our first David Fussenegger blanket for Robert, and we had to get one for Meadow.  These are the perfect size for little people.  They're soft, durable, and have tons of cute patterns.

7.  Vintage Washed Diamond Metelassé & Elephant Print Bedding in Lilac - I love how this bedding is subtle and calming.  The lilac detail on the edge of the bumper, crib skirt, and baby elephant is just enough to be interesting without overwhelming.  

I am thrilled with the final product.  This room will grow with Meadow, and I'm hopeful she choose to take some of the pieces with her when she leaves the nest.

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