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Flirt Alert, Part 2

After swim class today, Robert and I were using one of the changing rooms when I overheard this conversation between a mother and young son - I'm guessing around 4. I can hardly wait until Robert can have a talk like this:

Boy: Mom, I'm going to marry Stella.
Mom: What about Mary Grace? I thought you were going to marry her.
Boy: (Practically in tears) Mom! I already married Mary Grace! She's my wife!
Mom: Well honey, I don't think it works that way. I think you can only be married to one person at a time.
Boy: (Crying a little) But I want to marry Stella! I will be married to both Stella and Mary Grace!
Mom: (Long pause) Well that's nice that you and Mary Grace have such an open relationship.
Boy: (Rattles off a LONG list of his friends who are girls and gives each one a label of either "Girlfriend" or just "Friend." There aren't any more wives listed.) But mom - 
Mom: Yes, honey?
Boy: I only LOVE you and Mary Grace and Stella.

I had to suppress my giggle. Clearly this mom has a little Don Juan on her hands.

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