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Food Failure

I have had some success introducing Robert to new foods, but tonight I had an epic fail with chicken, which I introduced via Chicken Tikka Masala. I strongly suggest that you don't introduce this when your baby is extremely tired because you might face this scenario:

First, the baby doesn't want to eat the Chicken Tikka Masala at all because he's generally fussy. Then, when he does try it, he thinks it is delicious (yeah!) but he only wants to eat it with his hands. He does not, under any circumstances, want you to put it on a spoon and feed him. Then he gleefully shoves rice, chicken, and the masala into his mouth - mostly, though the dogs get a good helping as well. You're fine with this as the dogs are cleaning up most of the mess, and you get a moment of "relaxation" as the baby feeds himself. However, as the meal goes on, the sleepiness returns. As sleepy babies are wont to do, he starts rubbing his eyes with little fists that are covered in spicy sauce. There is a moment of quiet, and then the screaming begins.

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